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For many years I never thought of myself as an artist. Art was just what I did to deal with life. I always felt it was this sort of unnamable thing that helped me bridge the gap between my reality and the reality around me, a teacher so to speak.

When I became older, I started to share my drawings with more people and often I would be told my work was weak or lacked substance because it was not disturbing enough or did not make a statement about our lives. It only looked pretty.

It took awhile, but I finally made peace with this fact. Yes, this is what I like. I love beauty. Once I was able to validate this as an artist, I was able to explore what it meant. I realized many ancient cultures imbued their work with powerful and beautiful symbols and motifs reflecting the magic sacredness around them. I understood deeply that it was from here that my true inspiration came.

My biggest teacher in this journey has been the immersion in the various forms of sacred and beautiful art images around the world and then weaving them together with my own inspirations. This is reflected in my paintings on ceramic, one of my favorite mediums to work with because of its ancient yet sophisticated role in our lives.